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Building the YuKids System.

How to get involved

Building Your Playground

How do I get involved?

Yu Kids is designed to be mixed and matched according to your space requirements. Each product can also be easily moved, updated or replaced to give your playground a new look and feel as needed. For more information on each of our products click here



Our Process

YuKidsProcessStep1Firstly we will consult with you to determine your initial ideas, needs and your preferences for equipment. You will then need to supply us with a CAD or DWG file showing all dimensions and measurements of your site (including ceiling heights). From this we will prepare a 2D drawing with our suggested plans, for your review and feedback.






YuKidsProcessStep2We will then make any adjustments as required and prepare a price for your project (including installation requirements and costs).  If you require an additional 3D plan this can be  provided, for which an additional fee will be chargeable at this stage.








YuKidsProcessStep3Once you have signed off our proposal you will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total project fee (including installation costs) before we start production of your playground.  You will be required to ensure that our proposals meet all regulatory requirements. Any alterations to the agreed plan for any reason whatsoever will result in additional charges






YuKidsProcessStep4We will commence and manage the production of your playground as per the agreed drawings. Timescales will be dependent on the availability, complexity and logistics and will be discussed with you throughout the project.  We will keep you informed of any unforeseen delays at all times. Once your playground is ready for shipping and delivery we require a further payment of 40%.  The balance payment will be payable upon completion of the delivery and installation.





YuKidsProcessStep5We will co-ordinate the delivery of your playground – however you will be responsible for any customs and brokerage costs – and you must ensure that the site is ready for delivery and ready to receive storage and shipping containers. Agreed labour to be provided by you must be available from the agreed installation date.  Failure to comply with these points may result in further charges.







YuKidsProcessStep6At the time of installation we will provide training for your key team members. We recommend that these members are involved in the installation of the playground to ensure maximum understanding of the construction and maintenance requirements. Once the install has been completed the final 10% is payable.







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